Friday, October 14, 2011

FOUND DOG!! Help us find her owner!! **UPDATED!!**

**UPDATED 10/15/11** This lucky dog's owners called the Miami County Animal Shelter last night & left a message on the answering machine.  This morning, MCAS called the owners back and gave them the phone number of the man who found the dog & kept her safe overnight.  As of around 8:30 this morning, her owners were en route to pick her up!  I'm so glad this sweetheart got the happy reunion she deserved!!

FOUND DOG! A friend of a friend found this black lab found on Rt. 55 near Troy, OH tonight- please check with anyone you know who owns a lab! Female, pink collar with white polkadots, approximately 3 years old. VERY friendly and gets along with other dogs - the person who found her can't keep her and is taking her to Miami Co. shelter tomorrow. If you know her owner, or can temporarily foster her until we've tried to find her owner, contact me ASAP! And please share with anyone who might know the pup or be able to help! Thanks!


  1. I can foster her temporarily. Is it too late?


  2. Hi Pam! Thanks for offering - as it turns out, her owners were looking for her and the shelter was able to point them in the right direction. They were reunited this morning - I'm glad it all worked out for her! :)