Monday, December 19, 2011

Gorgeous German Shepherds Need Rescued!

I received an e-mail about three gorgeous German Shepherds stuck in a kill shelter in Lancaster, OH.  While that's not exactly "Miami Valley," all dogs deserve a good home - so if you're in the Lancaster area, please consider giving these dogs a good home!

Here is the shelter's information:
Fairfield County Dog Shelter
1715 Granville Pike
Lancaster, OH 43130
Phone: 740-652-7180 or 614-322-5294

Bo is owner-released, 5 years old, housebroken, and good with other dogs & older kids.  They're not sure how he is with cats!

Sheen was also owner-released and is approximately one year old.  He was an indoor dog but due to his owner's schedule he had to be left outside.

Ty came into the shelter as a stray, so not much is known about him - but he sure is cute!

Pickerington, OH Pooches Need Homes for the Holidays!

I'm back!!!  And I have LOTS to catch up on!  Let me jump back in by introducing you to a group of pooches in Pickerington, OH who are hoping to have homes for the holidays!  If you are interested in adopting any of these adorable pooches, here's who you need to contact:

Perfect Pet Adoption Center

Tippy is a 4 month old, 8lb Rat Terrier. She is a dainty little princess while still being a rabble-rouser tomboy. Tippy is non stop action, no matter who gets in her way. At the park she is happy to hang out with you inside your jacket (since she is so little she gets cold easy) but just like a wind-up toy if you set her down she will zip off to wrestle with the first pup she sees.
Tucker is just about the sweetest old man ever! He is Boston/Beagle, 22lbs and 9yrs old. But don't let that age fool you, he is still the fastest dog at the park! He is all action at the dog park but take him home and he'll curl up next to you and keep you warm all night. He does have the middle age male pattern baldness going where he is naked on the bottom, his belly and chest are silky smooth baldness but the rest of him is thick, lush brindle and white fur. PS: He ignores cats and loves kids!

Joey has officially been voted "The Most Loving Dog Ever". He is a Basset/Beagle, 30lbs and 2yrs old. If Joey was a person, he would be Gandhi. He can sit under a tree for hours just watching the squirrels play in the trees. Joey is the most peaceful dog ever. He could care less about cats and the only thing he wants in life is to be held like a teddy bear when you sleep at night. He would be the perfect dog for a child.

Curly, 5 years, 10 pounds
Great pup………good with other pups!
Likes to cuddle…………

Jake, 2 years, 20 pounds
So sweet & friendly.
Loves to play
Dachshund Mix

Blade & Kody, 4 months, 12 pounds
We are each others best friends, and  
Play non-stop!
We are Min Pin Mixes and will stay small!

Tippy, 5 months, 8 pounds
I love to play…….. so you better be ready.
I love playing with other pups until they drop!
Rat Terrier

Logan, 2 years, 15 pounds
I would love to have a family……..
I am a good boy……….

Cole, 3 years, 20 pounds
I love to run and play
with my
Foster brothers, but I also love to cuddle!