Saturday, July 23, 2011

Blogging break!

I'll be visiting with family and likely won't have time to be online much between now and August 2nd - while I'm away, please check out the shelter pages listed in the "Helpful Links" section on the right side of the page.  I'm sure lots of great new dogs will need homes while I'm away.

See you in August!

Mocha & Red Need Your Help!

Meet Mocha & Red!  Their owner has run into some financial hardship & is having to rehome her pets, despite the fact that doing so breaks her heart.  Here is a little information from their owner's first e-mail to a Dream 4 Pets member:

"There are a few difficulties with placing them, as I mentioned in the ad.  First is the golden’s high prey drive.  I know this isn’t unknown in the breed, but still a liability should a neighbor’s cat wander into his yard.  Second is that the dogs are so strongly pair-bonded.  At least the lab to the golden.  He could be placed separately, but she cannot.  Third is their age – at seven years old, they’re not as desirable as young dogs or puppies (although the best dog I ever had was a golden I rescued at age 9).  Lastly, when the lab came back from the last home I tried to place her in, she came back with fleas.  I didn’t think to check her before bringing her home, so now all the animals have them.  I’ve tried bombing the house, but it didn’t kill them.  I’ve moved the animals outside so they aren’t confined in such small quarters during the day (crate), and treating them with a spray.  The fleas really got out of hand quickly, and as I’ve not had fleas to deal with in years, I didn’t anticipate them to treat in time.  The dogs are also due for annual vaccinations.  And of course the lab needs to be spayed.  If I were a responsible pet owner, all of these things would have been taken care of.  But since separating from my husband, I have received no financial support from him at all, so am supporting myself and our son on just my very modest income.  I don’t have any room in the budget for more than food for the animals right now, which was part of the motivation to place them.  I know the condition they’re in is a form of neglect, but I can’t do anything about it right now, and feel terrible.  I would very much love for someone to take them and give them what they need.  These are super sweet, friendly dogs (aside from the small animal issue), who deserve to be family pets.  I can be available to help with transitioning, or providing as much information about their behavior as I can, but unfortunately cannot offer any monetary assistance. 

In addition to these dogs, I’ve had to place our cat, my horses, and now have to even give up my son’s cocker spaniel.  This is heartbreaking for us to lose all of our four-legged family were such an important part of our lives.  The fact that I cannot provide what they need is tearing at me because I always prioritized proper animal care second only to the care of my child.  Owning animals that need rescuing is a horrible thing for me, but I’m hoping someone can be compassionate enough and generous enough to understand without judging and be able to offer them a better life."

In another e-mail, she gave even more details about these sweethearts! 

"The golden retriever’s name is Red short for “That big red dog”, since when I found him we did not plan on keeping him, and really believed he would be claimed.  That’s how my stepsons referred to him (although having grown up with an Irish Setter, he’s orange to me, not red). J By the time we realized he wasn’t going to be claimed, he was already answering to Red.  He is content to be laid back and snuggled, and is very settled down at his age.  He does like to play ball & tag sometimes but less than he used to.  He prefers just to sit with you and be petted, or walk with you. 

The lab’s name is Mocha, her registered name is Gard’s Rebel Mocha Magic.  Again, not very original, but there were children involved in the naming process.   Although she is 7, her behavior is very puppy-like.  She’s always been very happy, energetic, and excitable.  She doesn’t retrieve well, but does love to run with you, play tag, or go running through fields when you walk her.  Even with her high energy level, once she knows/respects you, she does have a very good verbal return off leash.

We kept Red in a regular chain-link fence backyard (whatever height a normal backyard fence is) up until we moved last year.  Our current backyard has a combination of chain-link, older woven wire fence, and wooden fence.  As long as I keep the gate tied shut (it’s very old & only has a hook & eye latch), he’s fine in there too.  He doesn’t try to escape, and I can keep him from running off verbally if I take him hiking with me or walking through fields.  Although I probably could not stop him from chasing/attacking an animal that wandered into his line of sight off leash.  However I did verbally keep him from killing our cat a few weeks ago – she had pushed out a screen & jumped out of the house.  I didn’t know where she was when she decided to come into the backyard while the dogs were out.  It was a bit tense, but I managed to keep Red on a stay until I got the cat back in the house.  It may even be possible to work with him on accepting an indoor cat that was part of his family, as he was sometimes indoors without incident at the farm when we did have a housecat.  It was the barn cat & stray cats that he went after.  He killed a duckling at my sister’s farm when he was staying there after our move, and was just too interested in the chickens to allow him to get near. 

Both dogs know basic obedience commands: sit, down, stay, come, no, off, out, leave-it, wait, drop-it (Red sometimes has trouble with this when playing ball, but will drop pretty much anything else, including treats), OK (release from stay or wait), go-to-bed or kennel-up to go to their crates, and in-your-yard to go back inside the fence after playtime outside it.  They’re both kind of bad about taking treats from your hand as my son always threw the treats to them, and whoever snapped it up first got it, so they’ve gotten too overzealous taking them.  They take them much better when you tell them “easy”.  They don’t heel on a leash, but don’t drag you around either.  Although trying to take both at the same time to a new place (particularly the vet) can be a challenge. 

I am on a very tight, paycheck to paycheck budget, and the less expensive flea treatments I purchased last check were not at all effective.  I’m planning on purchasing Capstar and something like Frontline with this Friday’s check to help them out.  Unfortunately, I need to treat the yard and house again too, and don’t know if I can do it in the same pay period (every two weeks).  Hopefully the Capstar and spot on treatment will suffice to keep the fleas at least at bay on their bodies. 

I am in Richmond, IN, and would be happy to meet you somewhere with them.  My truck is not very reliable, and doesn’t have any long distance trips left in it, but I could probably meet you near I-70 somewhere between Richmond and the Eaton exit. 

Thank you for trying to help with these dogs.  After giving up so many of my animals, I would at least feel better knowing they had a good home & future."

If you are interested in adopting these amazing dogs, please contact their owner at !

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Save Shiloh!

Meet Shiloh!

I received an e-mail from a Dream 4 Pets member who was contacted by Shiloh's foster mom.  Here's what she had to say:

"One year ago yesterday, I brought Shiloh from the Gallia County, Ohio, shelter when I had an extra crate while picking up several others dogs on transport.  Shiloh was terrified and as it turned out, nearly feral.  She's made lots of progress over the last year.   She's small (just over 25 pounds), loves to run and play in my backyard with my three male dogs, is crate trained, smart, agile, and has come to enjoy being petted.  She's healthy, current on shots and HW negative.  She is still skittish with new circumstances.  Shiloh needs to be with people who have patience and only male dogs.

She has shown absolutely no aggression toward my male dogs but does not get along with other female dogs. So she must be placed with only male dogs.

 My husband absolutely insists that Shiloh must find another place AND SOON.  I am desperate to find Shiloh a place.  Please circulate Shiloh's photos and information widely.   Any help that you can give will be appreciated."

If you are interested in adopting Shiloh, please contact her foster mom at !  If you can't adopt Shiloh, please share this link with anyone who might be interested!

Thursday's Tremendous Dogs!

Lots of sweet new dogs available at area shelters tonight - let's jump right in and meet them!

Miami County Doggies
(if you're interested in any of these dogs, please contact the Miami County Animal Shelter at 937-332-6919!)

First up is Bear, a 5-year-old Keeshond mix!  He's neutered, up to date on his shots, and housebroken, but prefers a home without small children!

Meet Raisin!  The only info her profile has is that she's a Hound mix - if you'd like to learn more about her, I'm sure the shelter would be willing to answer any of your questions!

Next up is Chachi!  He's a 1-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who was found as a stray in Piqua.  If he is not claimed by his owner, he will be available for adoption on 7/16/11!

Next up is Sissy, a 3-year-old Chow mix who is spayed.  Again, there aren't any more details in her profile, but if you have questions you can call the Miami County Animal Shelter!

Shelby County Doggies
(if you're interested in any of these dogs, please call the Shelby County Animal Shelter at 937-498-7201!)

Meet Blue!  He's a Bluetick Coonhound who the shelter staff says looks like a Gascony Blue.  They say he's a young, trainable boy!

Next up is Brennon, a Border Collie/Collie mix.  He's a super sweet & super calm boy!  The shelter staff says he's darling & has very sad eyes when you walk by his cage.

Meet Hannah!  She's a Lab mix who is sweet & shy.  She's small for her age & breed, but has the coloring of a Lab.  Her tail is docked, and she is very trainable!

Say hello to Jet!  The shelter staff says he's strikingly beautiful, with gorgeous yellow eyes & a silky, shiny coat.  He is super calm on & off leash and would be a great dog for a family!

Last but not least, meet Kyler!  He's a Treeing Walker Coonhound who is just a puppy & is very energetic!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Furry Fun Fair & Adopt-a-thon Preview!

Today I have two great events to tell you about! 

First up is the Paws 4 Hope Furry Fun Fair at Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH - this Saturday, July 16th, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.!  There will be a blessing of the pets, a pet costume show, and lots of other fun things for pets & their owners to enjoy!  You can find more details at the following link:

Then the next day - Sunday, July 17th, from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. is a Dog Adopt-a-thon at Superpetz in Troy, OH! 

Allow me to introduce you to some of the great dogs who you can meet at these events!

First up is Bear!  Bear's actually had his very own blog entry on this site - you can read all about him at: 

Bear will be at both the Furry Fun Fair and the Adopt-a-thon!

Next up is Ginger!  Ginger is an 8-year-old Sheltie/Chow mix who is spayed and weighs 65 pounds.  She's high energy & very friendly to all - she loves companionship with people and other dogs!  She loves attention & will bark to get it - she will also bark to "protect" her house & yard.  She's good on a leash & doesn't pull, but she needs a fenced in yard because she loves to run!  Ginger will be at both the Furry Fun Fair and the Adopt-a-thon!

This is Chloe, one of the cutest workers at one of the past adopt-a-thons!  Chloe is a 7-year-old spayed female Lab mix who weighs 50 pounds.  She's low energy, loyal, and non-aggressive, and she loves companionship with people!  She needs a little training to walk on a leash but seemed to do okay when I was walking her at the adopt-a-thon - sometimes she tugs because she's so curious to see what's going on!  She jumps a bit when she's excited but she's not a barker.  She's a little shy with strangers & children, but warms up quickly.  It's recommended that Chloe go to a home that has a fenced in yard!  Chloe will be at the Furry Fun Fair only!

Meet Shep (left) and Zoey (right)!  They were saved from euthanization at the Shelby County Animal Shelter and are looking for a good home.  They were rescued together as puppies from a shelter in Florida and lived with their owner in Ohio until a few months ago when the owner had to move & was unable to take them along.  They are definitely bonded - true best friends!  Shep is a 2-year-old neutered male Shepherd mix and Zoey is a 2-year-old spayed female Lab mix.  Both are up-to-date on their shots and are heartworm negative.  They have happy dispositions, high energy, love to play, and get along well with other dogs & people!  They enjoy being indoors or outside, and have good manners, though they could still use a little training with walking on a leash.  Shep and Zoey will be at the Adopt-a-thon only!

Last but not least is Pepper!  She's a 2 or 3-year-old Black Lab who weighs 83 pounds.  She's spayed, up to date on her shots, and is heartworm negative.  She loves to play in water and loves balls!  She enjoys other dogs and is VERY friendly!  She also enjoys car rides and companionship with people.  She is housetrained but is still working on her leash training.  She likes being inside or outside.  She knows "sit" and is learning the "come" command!  She's going to be at the Adopt-a-thon only - this will be her first adopt-a-thon and I can't wait to meet her!

Be sure to come out to these great events this weekend - you never know, your new best friend might be waiting there to meet you!  :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Johnson County, IN - URGENT Dogs!

Today I received an e-mail from a Dream 4 Pets member, who'd been contacted by a worker at the Johnson County Animal Control facility in Franklin, IN.  Here's what that worker had to say:

"My name is Megan & I work for Johnson County Animal Control in Franklin, IN. I’m writing you regarding animals that we have here at our facility. Unfortunately, we are having an outbreak of kennel cough at our facility. In this facility, we try our best to treat it and get the animals healthy again. But, right now it is going out on control. We are trying our best to get as many out as possible so we do not have to euthanize our whole kennel. Below are the ones that are most urgent. If you can help, please contact me as soon as possible."

Here are the dogs she mentioned:

Mr. Honey is a Collie/Chow Chow mix - here's what the shelter staff had to say about him: "Mr. Honey came to the shelter as a stray. He is around 8 years young. It is hard to believe that someone would let this guy go. He is just as sweet as can be. Mr. Honey loves for you to pet his head and give him any sort of attention. And in return, he will give you sweet licks. Mr. Honey is very laid back. You can tell that someone loved this guy at some point. He is definitely ready to break out of here and find a new family that will never let him go. If you think you can give Mr. Honey the perfect home come visit him!"


"Fiona came to the shelter as a stray. She is about 3 years old and weighs 65-70#. Fiona may come in bit of a plain brown wrapper, but with her pretty widow's peak and huge smile, you can't help but love her. Fiona is very friendly and seems to love people. She is strong on a leash and is playful, so she would have plenty of energy for running in the yard or taking nice long walks with her new family. Fiona really hopes to meet that family very soon and deserves a chance at the good life. If you'd like to meet her, please come by the shelter!"

"Wishbone came to the shelter after his owners just weren't able to take care of him anymore. Wishbone is about 6 years young and just a fantastic dog. This dog is as sweet as can be. Wishbone is definitely a staff favorite. Wishbone is good with children of all ages. He is also housebroken. He is a "velcro" dog that likes to be right by your side. If you are looking for a new best friend that won't need much training come see Wishbone. He is ready to find a new family that won't ever forget about him! *Wishbone is heartworm positive*"

If you'd like to help by adopting any of these sweethearts, here is the contact information for the shelter:

Johnson County Animal Control
2160 Graham Road
Franklin, IN 46131
Phone: 317-736-3924

Hours of operation:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Wednesday and Sunday CLOSED
Saturday 10:00a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

You can also check out the Petfinder listings for their other pets at:

And in case you're wondering, Franklin, IN is about an hour from Dayton - not too far to drive to save the life of your new best friend!

Five Fantastic Furry Friends!

All of today's dogs are from Miami County Animal Shelter - if you're interested in adopting any of these amazing dogs, please call (937) 332-6919!

Meet Ethel!  This gorgeous little gal is a "senior" Dachshund - check out the smile on her!  Ethel was found as a stray in Troy on 7/11 and will be available for adoption on 7/15.  (As a Dachshund owner, I can't recommend this breed enough - and Ethel looks like a sweet girl!)

Next up is Comet - he's a 5-year-old Beagle mix who was released by his owner.  There aren't any other details on his profile, but his Petfinder page shows that he'd prefer a home without young children!

This lovely lady is Lacey, a 1-year-old Lab mix who was released by her owner.  There are no more details on her page - but I'm sure the shelter staff would be willing to answer any questions about her if you give them a call!

Meet Angus! He's a 5-year-old neutered Chocolate Lab who was released to the shelter by his owners.  No further details given - but if you've fallen in love with those gorgeous eyes of his, call the shelter!

Last but not least, meet Inky!  He's a 3 or 4-year-old Chihuahua mix who was brought in as a stray.  He's already neutered and is a nice, friendly little guy!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Cages = More Lives Saved!

Do you have any spare pet cages that you aren't using?

Donate them to the Shelby County Animal Shelter and help to save lives!

The Shelby County Animal Shelter is full...almost overflowing!  There are more dogs than cages - they desperately need cages.  Spare cages can buy these dogs time until a rescue organization, foster home, or adopter comes forward!

So if you've got an extra cage taking up space at your house, please leave a comment on this blog or send an e-mail to and I'll help you make arrangements to drop off the cage or have it picked up!

And please - spread the word about the need!  The more cages they have, the more dogs they can save!

All About Ace!

Meet Ace!

Ace is a neutered 2-year-old Golden Retriever/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix (that means he's very smart & has a high prey drive)!  He was adopted from a shelter as a puppy.  He has a high energy level, is completely housebroken, and knows some basic commands - sit, stay, and come.  He will walk on a leash, and he enjoys car rides, treats, walks, and chew toys.  He sleeps inside - sometimes in a cage, sometimes in his owner's daughter's bed.

He loves women, mostly - he is fearful of men and will bark at men and strangers.  He is terrified of mail carriers ever since one swatted him one day.  He likes dogs and cats - he has never fought with the other dogs in the household, and is very loving with the cats in his home!

Ace is ultra sensitive - he loves to fetch but doesn't love to relinquish it.  Instead you have to take the toy from him - and when you do, he'll bark and growl...but that's the game he likes to play!  He loves tug of war with a rope.

He gives kisses & will jump up when excited, but will respond well to a firm "DOWN ACE!"  He will sit or shake on request, and will speak for his treats when asked.  He likes rawhide chew bones!

When he misbehaves, his owner tells him, "Cage, Ace!" and he goes into the cage.  When it's bedtime, she tells him, "Night night, Ace!" and he goes to his cage.  (He likes blankets, too.) 

Ace has never jumped the fence but his owner believes he could if he wanted to.  He doesn't chew up anything and he knows his own toys!

After reading about this awesome dog, you might be wondering why he's looking for a new home!  Unfortunately some family members that TEMPORARILY lived in the household did not treat Ace well, and he has snapped (NOT bitten) at a 4-year-old autistic boy and other members of the family.  So they believe Ace would do better in a new environment.

If you want more info about Ace, or are interested in giving him a second chance at a happy home, contact his current owner, Valerie, at 937-497-8193 or!

Need a little sunshine in your life?

Then look no further than Sunny!

Sunny is a 6-year-old Golden Retriever!  He was brought to my attention by a member of Dream 4 Pets.  He is already neutered, and he is really well behaved - good with kids and his cat!  He is a trained hunting dog and is up to date on his vaccinations.  Sunny is more of an outside dog - he sleeps in a heated room attached to the house.  He does come inside but prefers to be outside.  Sunny is free to a approved home - vet care is the responsibility of the adopter.  He is on Petfinder as a courtesy posting through the Animal Protection League of Mercer County in Celina, OH - if you are interested in adopting him, please fill out an adoption application on their website - !

Saturday Sweethearts!

Hello again! 

Petfinder seems to have been having trouble displaying pictures lately, so it's been hard to blog lately!  There are lots of new additions to catch up on - let's meet our area's latest & greatest adoptable dogs!

Darke County Doggies
(if you're interested in adopting any of these dogs, please call the Darke County Animal Shelter at 937-547-1645!)

Meet Pepper!  This little sweetheart is an 8-year-old Dachshund!  He is a sweet little guy & is very playful.  He will make a great companion & will be a good housedog for the right family!  (Personal note - weenie dogs are great...I love mine!)

Next up is Bo, a 2-year-old Lab/Coonhound mix who is neutered & current on his shots.  He's a friendly guy who will make a great companion!

This lovely lady is Piper, a 1-year-old Fox Terrier mix.  She is a friendly girl and LOVES people!  She'll make a great housedog - she just needs to find a good family!

Just check out the smile on Phoebe!  She's a 2-year-old Fox Terrier mix who is a friendly girl and loves people!

Speaking of gorgeous Brox!  He's a 7-month-old Lab/Golden Retriever mix.  He's housebroken and gets along well with other dogs.  He is a sweet little puppy & will grow up to be a great lifelong companion!

This little bundle of energy is Jax!  He's a 3-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.  He's a friendly little guy and is very playful!

Meet Tucker!  He's a 3-year-old Beagle mix who is a friendly little guy.   He's very playful and just needs to find a good home!

The last of our Darke County dogs is Buddy, a 3-year-old Beagle/Coonhound mix.  He is housebroken, good with kids, neutered, and current on his shots.  He's ready to find a great home!

Miami County Doggies
(if you're interested in adopting any of these dogs, please contact the Miami County Animal Shelter at 937-332-6919!)

Meet Jazzy!  She's an 8-month-old Black Lab mix who was released to the shelter by her owner - though her profile doesn't mention a reason why or give any more details about her.  You can tell by her blurry tail that she must be a friendly girl, though!

Next up is Pongo, a 1-year-old Dachshund mix who was found as a stray in Troy and hasn't been reclaimed by his owners.  He is neutered and is very friendly and loveable!

Meet Sandy!  She's a 2-year-old Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix who was released to the shelter by her owner - again, her profile does not mention a reason or give any other details.  But again, look at that blurred tail - she must be another friendly pup!

Speaking of blurry, wagging tails...check out Jupe!  I had to look closer to make sure she actually had a tail!  :)  She is an 8-month-old Lab mix who will be available for adoption on 7/11/11.  No other details are given, but I'm sure the shelter would be happy to answer questions about her if you called!

Shelby County Doggies
(if you're interested in adopting any of these dogs, please contact the Shelby County Animal Shelter at 937-498-7201!

Sadly, Shelby County's Petfinder site is the only one still giving me fits about seeing pictures - so until I get ahold of pics through another source, I'm going to give the names and descriptions of their latest dogs!

CALEB - A Border Collie/Spaniel mix who is described as a super great looking dog who is well behaved and sweet, and seems to like other dogs!

LEVI - A Border Collie mix who seems to be a laid back young boy.  He does well on a leash, likes attention from people, and would be very trainable!

ZODIAK - An Alaskan Malamute/Shepherd mix who is large & seems like a gentle giant.  He is around 1-year-old, has a calm manner, is good on leash, and seemed really interested in the children that came to look at him!

BRAYDEN - A 2-year-old Cocker Spaniel who seems like a nice, well-behaved dog!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

More Marvelous Miami County Dogs!

All of today's dogs are from the Miami County Animal Shelter - if you fall in love with any of these sweethearts, please call the shelter at (937) 332-6919!

Meet Bobo!  He's a 5-month-old Boxer mix who was turned in by his owners because they felt they didn't have enough time for a puppy.  :(  Bobo is partially housebroken and is very playful & friendly!

Next up is Holly, another 5-month-old Boxer mix.  She was found as a stray  and is a sweet and friendly puppy!

This blue-eyed babe is Kita!  She's a 10-year-old Siberian Husky who was released to the shelter by her owners because they could no longer care for her.  She is already spayed, and is good with kids, other dogs, and cats.  The shelter staff is looking for a rescue group who would be willing to take Kita, so if you know of a group, please let them know!

Meet Oscar!  He's a 5-year-old Jack Russell Terrier who was brought in as a stray & never reclaimed by his owners.  He's already neutered and is a very friendly little guy!

Next up is Tonka!  He's a one-year-old Lab mix who was brought in as a stray & will be available for adoption on 7/7/11.  He is a friendly and energetic guy who loves to play!

Meet Buddy!  He's a 2-year-old Labrador Retriever who was turned into the shelter by his owners because he was "too much to handle."  He is already fixed and is good with kids.  He was an outside dog and might need a little work to become an inside dog.  Buddy is a friendly boy who just needs someone to spend some time with him to teach him the basics!

This handsome fellow is Rowdy!  He's a 2 or 3-year-old Rottweiler who was brought in as a stray & will be available for adoption on 7/6/11.  He is a very loveable and friendly big boy.  He is sweet and loves attention!

Meet Pippi!  She is an approximately 10-month-old Scottish Terrier mix.  She's a little timid at first, but she does warm up and eventually becomes a real love bug!  The shelter staff says she's a very sweet and funny little girl who might do better with older children.  Pippi loves to play ball!

Last but not least is Tuey!  He's a 7-year-old Terrier mix who was released to the shelter by his owner because the owner has too many dogs & Tuey doesn't get along with one of the other dogs.  (He got along fine with all the other dogs, just not that one.)  Tuey is neutered and housebroken, and is a nice and mild-mannered boy!