Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello, new readers!

If you're reading this because you read about my blog in the Piqua Daily Call and Greenville Daily Advocate, welcome! Thank you for taking an interest in the plight of Mandy and Sprocket, and for being interested in learning about more adoptable dogs in the Miami Valley area! Obviously I hope Mandy and Sprocket get adopted quickly, so if you call to inquire about them and they've already found happy homes, please consider adopting a different dog from one of our area shelters--there are so many wonderful dogs in search of good homes! Links for our area shelters are on the right hand side of this page, and below are just a few of the cuties who are currently available!

This is Sascha, a sweet 6-month-old Shepherd mix available at the Darke County Animal Shelter. I think her floppy ear makes it look like she could be Mandy's long lost pup!

This little gal is a 10-week-old Spitz/Heeler mix is currently available for adoption at the Miami County Animal Shelter!

Last but not least, here's "Yearly 158," a female Shepherd/Rottweiler mix who apparently has amazing manners & is very obedient! She's currently available for adoption at the Shelby County Animal Shelter! Please bookmark this site and visit often--I plan to update frequently with profiles of other Piqua dogs rescued from "One More Chance" who are being cared for by rescue groups & in foster homes, as well as other dogs available in nearby shelters!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Save Mandy & Sprocket! **UPDATED**

**UPDATED 4/11/11 - Both Sprocket & Mandy have found their forever homes!**

***UPDATED 3/28/11** I had a nice conversation with the man in charge at Darke County Animal Shelter - he said that Mandy and Sprocket are not in immediate danger of being euthanized (i.e. there is no specific deadline in mind), but that obviously the longer they are there the the more that danger rises. He chose the dogs personally as ones that stood out to him from the 108 at the Clark Ave. facility--he thought they were good looking dogs that had great personalities and was sure they would have no trouble finding homes. Unfortunately, the right families just haven't found them yet! He's been promoting the dogs on the radio and REALLY wants to keep his promise to the dogs--he's been telling them daily, "I'm trying to find you homes!" So, anyone reading this--let's help him keep that promise and find these dogs the great homes they deserve!"***
A local rescue organization (Dogs Deserve Better) have brought it to the attention of the Piqua dog rescue volunteers that two of our dogs are at risk of being euthanized by the Darke County Animal Shelter for having been there too long. (When they were initally placed in traditional "kill shelters," we volunteers were told that the dogs would be kept until they were adopted, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.)
This is Mandy, a sweet 5-year-old German Shepherd. I remember her from when I volunteered at the Clark Ave. facility because she never failed to greet us with a big doggy smile and a wagging tail! She's microchipped, current on all her vaccinations, and available NOW! Her ID number at the Darke County Animal Shelter is 02231115.

Even though I featured him in my first dog post, I'm going to feature him again - this is Sprocket! He's a 4-year-old English Pointer mix who is very friendly and loves to give hugs! He, like Mandy, is microchipped and current on his vaccinations - he just needs a good home & a family who will appreciate how awesome he is! His Darke County Animal Shelter ID number is #02231119.

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing these dogs are, to have survived what they went through at the hands of Jeff Burgess at his One More Chance Rescue & Adoption center. For God only knows how long, they were kept in a dark, cold warehouse, with no heat or utilities in the middle of a frigid Ohio winter. They were kept in dirty pens that were rarely (if ever) cleaned, surrounded by their own waste and desperate for a soft, clean place to lay down. They weren't fed regularly and rarely had clean drinking water. Despite the neglect they suffered, they came through it with their spirits intact--they love humans and only want to find homes where they are treated well!

If you are interested in adopting (or even fostering) Mandy or Sprocket, contact the Darke County Animal Shelter at (937) 547-1645. You can also visit the shelter at 5066 County Home Rd. in Greenville, OH - they are open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and on Saturdays from 9:00 to 12:00. The adoption fee is $50.00, $30.00 of which comes back to you in the form of a certificate to have the dog spayed or neutered.

$50.00 is a small price to pay for a new best friend - if you're interested in saving either of these dogs, PLEASE contact the Darke County Animal Shelter!

"Buy a pup and your money will by love unflinching." ~ Rudyard Kipling

Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet Sprocket!

**UPDATED 4/11/11 - Sprocket has been adopted!!**

This is Sprocket, a 4-year-old English Pointer Mix currently available at the Darke County Animal Shelter!
Sprocket is a survivor of One More Chance Rescue & Adoption - God only knows how long he was stuck living in deplorable conditions with no utilities, little food & water, and no clean place to lay down. Despite what he's been through, Sprocket has a wonderful personality--any volunteer who spent time with him can attest to the fact that he gives GREAT hugs! He's a very sweet & energetic boy - he weighs about 70 lbs.
If you've fallen in love with Sprocket's smiling face, contact the Darke County Animal Shelter at (937) 547-1645. Sprocket's ID number is #02231119 and he would love to join your family!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello, and welcome to my blog!

My name's Jenn, and this is my first real attempt at blogging, so bear with me. :) I decided to create this blog so I would have another venue for promoting adoptable dogs in the Miami Valley.

I've always been a dog lover, and I'm currently the owner of the world's most spoiled Dachshund. Lost dogs have had a way of finding their way to me, and I've always been able to return them to their homes. But I never truly got into animal rescue until February 2011, when the City of Piqua raided Jeff Burgess's One More Chance Animal Rescue & Adoption. As soon as I learned that 108 dogs were being mistreated & neglected in my hometown, I knew I had to volunteer. For six weeks, I spent weekend mornings walking dogs, scooping poop, hauling water buckets, and washing food dishes...and couldn't have loved it more! The dogs were incredible--they were all SO excited to see us, and watching them come out of their shells week after week was very rewarding. I also met a great group of people who love dogs as much as I do!

As the weeks passed, I took to Facebook to "promote" the dogs I'd befriended while volunteering--doing everything I could to spread the word about the wonderful adoptable dogs I'd met. I'm happy to report that all 108 dogs have either been adopted, found foster homes, or placed with REAL rescue organizations! I'm currently looking for other shelters I can volunteer at, and plan on using this blog as a place to share the profiles of dogs I've met who are looking for homes. Please share the link with your friends, family, coworkers, etc. - anyone who might be interested in adopting a dog!