Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Big Pup & Little Pup!

Looking to add some extra love to your life as Valentine's Day approaches?  Look no further!  A Dream 4 Pets volunteer rescued a terrier mix named Phoebe from a local shelter...and as it turns out, the shelter had Phoebe in with unneutered male dogs, so Phoebe surprised everyone by giving birth to two super-adorable puppies! 

Big Pup


Little Pup!

They are nearly nine weeks old - since their father is unknown, it's difficult to say how large they will get.  (I think since their mom is a small terrier mix they would likely be small to medium dogs!)

Both are good with children, cats, and other dogs.  They like women & children but have had little interaction with men - which isn't to say they won't like men, too!  They are high energy and LOVE chew toys, and have exhibited no aggression issues.  They sleep inside on dog beds and are used to being crated during the day.

If you're interested in either of these sweethearts, please contact Julie Deal at!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meet Jack! *UPDATED*


I first met Jack nearly a year ago, while volunteering at a cold, dark warehouse on Clark Avenue in Piqua.  He was one of 108 dogs rescued from a hoarder who'd been masquerading as a rescuer. 

At the time, Jack was known only as Dog #75:

At the time, Dog #75 was the shyest dog I'd ever met.  His pen was on the block of pens I usually was assigned to, and often I'd be the one to put a leash on him and take him for small walk around the warehouse to give him a chance to stretch his legs while my fellow volunteers gave him fresh bedding, food, and water.  Most of the dogs there jumped at the chance to get out and explore.  But not Dog #75.  He had to be coaxed out of his pen, and then he couldn't wait to get back in to a place where he felt safe.

Lucky for Dog #75, another woman who volunteered with the dogs realized he'd need some extra time to adjust to his new life and all the new experiences.  She knew he wouldn't do well in a shelter environment, so she decided to foster him, named him Jack, and gave him a safe place to live until he was ready to find his forever family!

Just look at Jack now!

It's so great to see him outside, enjoying the sun he was deprived of for so long!  His rescuer/foster mom, Peggy, believes Jake is finally ready to find his forever family!  Since she knows him far better than I do, here are some notes she wrote up about him:

"In March 2011 we rescued a 3 year old male German Shepherd mix from the Piqua, Ohio warehouse. He came from humble beginnings. We named this shy boy Jack. In the past 4 months Jack has become a more trusting dog. We knew this would take time and he still has more wonderful things to learn and enjoy. He is a medium sized dog weighing 47 lbs.

I had 3 goals when I rescued Jack:

1. Get him out of the warehouse and foster him so he would not be euthanized

2. Provide a loving home where he could begin trusting people and realize a "new" life

3. Find a permanent home where he will continue to be a part of the family

The first 2 goals have been met.  We feel it is time to secure that special permanent home for Jack."

"Some Jack facts:

* We took him tou our vet at Tri-County for a complete check up.  He has been neutered.

* Jack is in very good overall health.  Both ears had very bad infection when we got him.  They are "clear" at the time.  Our vet said he should not have a lot of reoccurring problems, but keep your eyes on them.  Jack was very good when we treated and cleaned them.  He loves his ears rubbed.

* We had his teeth cleaned by our vet and he has all of his shots

* We put him on Interceptor year around heartworm pills

* We had him professionally groomed and he was great when we bathed and brushed him!

* He loves to go for walks and does very well.  He is learning to stop before walking across the street.  Jack is EXTREMELY SMART in many areas!

* He loves to be near us and just lie close

* He really enjoys Milkbones

* He is learning to interact with other dogs (we have 4 small dogs, all under 10 pounds)

* We get him around as many different people as possible and he shows much improvement with trusting

* He does not jump up on people.  He barks at times when he hears noises and happy barks when we come home.

* He is a very sweet boy with a gentle nature.  He loves to be loved!

* From what we have observed he does well around children"

"We have let Jack acclimate to our family and dogs in his time with some loving encouragement.  He will make a wonderful companion and family member.

Jack started out doing fine in a crate, which is where he wanted to be at first.  Now, however he does not like being in it at all.  He does extremely well out of it.  No accidents in our home.  What else is wonderful - he does not chew on anything.

Jack needs to go to a home where he will truly be a part of the family.  We do not want him in a home where he would be chained up or kept in a kennel.

If interested, call (removed after adoption).  You may leave a message and we will get back to you asap.

Thank you."

If you would like to give Jack a new home, please contact Peggy at the phone number above!