Sunday, June 26, 2011

Elwood needs a home by 6/29/11! **UPDATED!!**

**UPDATED 7/9/11 - Elwood is safe!  He is still with his owner, but will soon be moving to a farm to live with a widow!  It sounds like Elwood will have a great new life!!**
Meet Elwood!

Elwood is in desperate need of a home by Wednesday, June 29th, 2011!  You see, Elwood has an owner, but his owner "feels no special attachment" to him so he's just going to take him to the pound when he moves on the 29th.  I was contacted by someone who knows Elwood & doesn't want to see him go to a kill shelter!  She's afraid for his life & has been passing on his info to everyone she can, and learned of my blog through Dream 4 Pets. 

Elwood is a 3-year-old hound mix who weights 60 lbs., is neutered and is up-to-date on his veterinary care.  He is used to apartment living, knows some commands, and is sweet, quiet, and happy.  (Just look at that wagging tail!) 

If you're interested in giving Elwood the home he deserves, contact Becky at and she will put you in touch with Elwood's owner.  If you can't adopt Elwood but know someone who might be interested, please pass on this link - the more people who see his sweet face, the better chance he has to avoid being unfairly sent to a kill shelter!


  1. Could they possibly take him to a No Kill shelter in Dayton if all else fails on finding this sweet boy a home or possibly a rescue??!!

  2. Hi:
    I tried all the no-kills I could find. They are all full. I assume you know we have a problem with a huge domestic animal population. Well, if you try to place a domestic animal in a no-kill (or even kill) shelter, you find out the scope of it. They hardly have any room. They count on saints to foster these animals. Some of the animal foster homes, because of their love of animals and sense of ethics, have enough animals to make them fairly uncomfortable (14 cats is an example I know of directly - one human occupant of that house needed medication for respiratory problems, but they felt an obligation to pick up humanity's slack.) So, I guess the one thing you could get from this rambling answer is the understanding of the need of foster homes. If you could open your home to an animal for a few months or so at a time while organizations like Dream 4 Pets find a forever home for that animal, you'd most likely be saving that animal's life.

  3. Oh I def know the need for good foster homes!! Im a volunteer for the Greater Dayton Humane Society, DREAM4PETS, Shelby County Animal Shelter and DogGone Pet Adoptions:) I see on a daily basis the need for Spay and Neuter, the lack of publc education, euthanizing of healthy adoptable animals etc. I was just making sure that other options were open so that the doggie didnt end up in a "kill" shelter! DREAM has rehoming options....did the owner get that info?? THXS for all your doing on trying to find him a home tho :)

  4. Hi, Shannon:
    As far as I can tell, the owner doesn't care. My boyfriend is going to check on the situation today, but the owner hasn't even bothered to fill out the form. All I know is what was posted about Elwood. I have no idea how he gets along with other animals or children. If he goes to a shelter today, I think it would be Greene County. I'm relieved to know you know about foster homes. I'm very relieved. Now, all we have to do is get the dog and a little owner cooperation.

  5. I sent Elwood's picture to the Montgomery Co. shelter and the woman who answered the email wouldn't go to the back to check if he was there. I currently ride the bus wherever I go, so it would take me hours to get up there and back. Is anyone able to stop by to look for him?

  6. I know Montgomery Co. is slammed right now - I heard they got over 70 dogs in after July 4th, since that's the day dogs most commonly run away because they freak out about the fireworks. I'll ask around & see if anyone I know volunteers there or lives nearby to check! I've checked their site but they're horrible at updating pics. He hasn't shown up on Greene's site either. I've been thinking about him!