Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Buster needs our help! **UPDATED WITH HUMANE SOCIETY INFO!**

**UPDATED 8/28/11**

Sweet Buster is still in need of a good home!  He's being cared for by the Humane Society of Greater Dayton - you can see his profile at:

The Humane Society says he's quite friendly, loves to play, gets along well with other dogs, and is good with kids.  He's also eager to learn new commands and tricks - he just desperately wants his new home soon!

If you'd like to give Buster the forever home he deserves, contact the Humane Society of Greater Dayton at (937) 268-PETS (or 937-268-7387)!

**UPDATED 7/16/11!**

Good news!  Buster has been admitted into the Humane Society Adoption Program!  Here he is in the car on the way there:

Here's what his rescuer, Hailey, had to say in her update: "I figured I would update you all and let you know that Buster has been admitted to the Humane Society Adoption Program and is now officially at their site. After a stay with the vet, he is looking MUCH better. His fur has already started to grow back in, and his fur is shiny and soft. He is getting better by the day, and now that he's at the Humane Society, he will be neutered! If you or anyone is interested in adopting him, he will probably be up for adoption in the next few weeks or so. He's gotten all his vaccines, been treated for fleas, eating much better, and he's in much better spirits. I appreciate all the love and help that has been offered to Buster, and now he's in a place that can keep him and offer a large net of exposure. Thank you SO much to you all, and keep him in your thoughts and prayers that he finds his forever home!"

 If you're interested in adopting Buster, post a comment on this blog & I'll give you all the appropriate Humane Society contact info!


Meet Buster!

Today I received an e-mail from one of the founders of Dream 4 Pets - she'd been contacted by a woman named Hailey about helping to find a home for Buster, a stray she had helped to rescue.  Hailey has gone above & beyond what most would do when they encounter a stray, and I definitely want to help get Buster's story out there to help him find a great home!

Here's what Hailey had to say about Buster:

"I've been trying so hard to find a place for a dog today who apparently everyone is intent on abandoning or trying to kill. He was wandering around my backyard a few days ago, and I called the animal resource center to come get him. After a ton of phone calls to the center, and only one in response I was told he was going to be euthanized because he has a skin condition. Regardless, I picked him up this morning and took him to the vet who told me that he didn't have a skin condition, he had just been out alone for so long and he has allergies to fleas, that he's got scarring on his back. He's since been bathed and treated with flea medication. He's also gotten a rabies shot. He's the sweetest dog you'll ever see, he kind of looks like a gargoyle as he looks like shar pei and bull dog or boxer (to be honest, I'm not sure) mix. I took him to SICSA where he passed the SAFER test, but failed their vet exam because of the skin on the base of his back near his tail. He's not a pretty dog, but I would bet good money if he were a lab he would have fit in just fine. Also, this dog does not seem to be aggressive. He's been great with all animals he's been in contact with over the last few days and all of the people he's met. I currently have two female dogs in my house and I rent, so taking on a new male dog isn't a possibility for me. I am in desperate need of a place for this guy to stay! I can provide support for neutering and any supplies this little guy needs (I'll give you a cage and blanket he has come to love plus leash, a new collar, and funding for neutering and food) but I cannot house him for more than a couple days. Right now he has a temporary shelter outside, but he needs somewhere that provides better shelter, where he can recover from neutering without having to battle the elements and a place he can stay that can help him find a forever home.  If you think you can help me, please contact me at or by phone at (937) 776-8897. He's got a cage in my back yard up from the ground, and covered in case it rains, but he's in desperate need of help, and it seems like I am running out of options. Thank you so much for reading, and any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Also, wherever you are I can bring him to you."

In case you're wondering what a SAFER test is, it's a 7-step behavioral test designed by the ASPCA to test dog temperments.  You can learn more about it here:

Buster certainly sounds like a great dog!  If you'd like to give him a foster home or a forever home, please contact Hailey at or by phone at (937) 776-8897!


I got another message from Hailey today - Buster is getting SO close to having a place to below & see if you can help!

"First and foremost, thank you to everyone who has responded and to the Members of Dream 4 Pets as well as numerous others who have done so much to help Buster.  He's already starting to come out of his shell and I've learned that he knows how to FETCH!

BUT we still have just a little bit further to go. He has been accepted into the humane society adoption program as of 6/30! However, they have absolutely no open kennels which means that even though they want him, they can't take him until one dog is adopted. Just one! So, we're VERY close to finding a place for him to go! What I am asking is that if you or someone you know can temporarily foster him (and by temporarily, I mean until that ONE kennel opens at the Humane Society), while he waits. I would keep him here, but if it rains in the next few days, he needs somewhere to go inside.

He remains unneutered, but the Humane Society has offered to take care of that once they take him into their care. Also, I have absolutely every intention of making sure that while in the care of the Humane Society he receives as much exposure if not more than he's been getting in the past few days. If you think you can keep him while he waits, and might be able to offer temporary sanctuary until he finds a place more equipped to address all that he needs, I would be extremely grateful. He's an amazing dog who everyone's just fallen in love with, and I would be happy to provide anything he needs while he's temporarily in your care.

Again, Thank you SO much for all the kind words and help already given! Just a little bit further to go! PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU CAN HELP! My e-mail is, and my phone number is 937-776-8897.

ALSO: To anyone willing to take him in, I will be creating a line of CHARITY EARRINGS on my shop on Etsy, ( and all proceeds earned will be donated to any groups that have helped in finding Buster a home or have provided a place for him. I have a feeling this will be ongoing because I have discovered a side of the state treatment of animals that has given me a new feeling of urgency to do whatever I can for the animals that can't speak for themselves. NOTE: These are not available yet, but once they are, I will be making them on a pretty regular basis, with all proceeds going towards your organization."

So if there's anyone out there who can take Buster in until just ONE kennel opens up at the Humane Society...please, please, PLEASE contact Hailey!  If you can't take Buster in, but know someone who might be able to, please share this link!


  1. Sounds like a great dog! I hope he finds his forever home...

  2. Someone out there please, please, please open your heart to this beautiful little boy. He has been through so much and now its time he finds a place to call his furever home with a family that loves him. I think he truly deserves this chance. Buster I will be praying for you. When I saw you on Craig's List my heart went out to you big time.

  3. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP IN FINDING THIS GUY A HOME! Buster has nuzzled his big gargoyally head into my heart. I love this guy, and am greatly moved by all the love and support that he's garnered. He's got an appointment with the Humane society today to see if he can be accepted into their adoption program- Their exposure and their resources can help him for a time (IF they accept him- been down this road before) But he's still in desperate need of a home home. A place where he can be himself and get all the love he deserves.
    ALSO- To any RESCUE GROUP reading this. I am offering extra incentive. I have an online etsy store that I will be selling buster charity earrings through that will benefit whatever organization he is taken in by. I have started to make them, but I haven't put them up yet. They will be selling for different donation ranges, and ALL proceeds will be going directly to the group or organization that takes him in.

  4. Does anyone out there know how Buster is doing. I was so hoping for an update on him. If anyone knows anything can they please update. I would like to know his status and if he is still ok.

    Dogs leave paw prints on our hearts and Buster sure has left one on mine.


    HERE HE IS!!!!!! :)

  6. Hey Guys! BUSTER'S BEEN ADOPTED!!!!!!!!!!