Saturday, July 9, 2011

More Cages = More Lives Saved!

Do you have any spare pet cages that you aren't using?

Donate them to the Shelby County Animal Shelter and help to save lives!

The Shelby County Animal Shelter is full...almost overflowing!  There are more dogs than cages - they desperately need cages.  Spare cages can buy these dogs time until a rescue organization, foster home, or adopter comes forward!

So if you've got an extra cage taking up space at your house, please leave a comment on this blog or send an e-mail to and I'll help you make arrangements to drop off the cage or have it picked up!

And please - spread the word about the need!  The more cages they have, the more dogs they can save!


  1. Hey Jen I called Shelby County Animal Shelter today to inquire about a boxer (Queenie) they had. Thank goodness she found her forever home and the girl that I was talking to acted like she had no idea what I was talking about when I asked her what size and kinds of cages they needed for the doggies. Could you let me know what types and sizes and of cages that they need.


  2. Hi Michele!

    I asked Cindy, the Dream 4 Pets volunteer who told me about the need for cages, and she said they're not picky - although medium and large metal cages would be best. They will accept any size cage - crates are acceptible, too, but collapsible cages are best because they're easy to store. She said you can e-mail her at if you have any questions! Cindy works closely with one of the shelter employees to help find fosters or rescues for the dogs - so you may just have gotten an employee that hadn't heard about it!


    P.S. Hooray for Queenie! :)