Saturday, July 9, 2011

All About Ace!

Meet Ace!

Ace is a neutered 2-year-old Golden Retriever/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix (that means he's very smart & has a high prey drive)!  He was adopted from a shelter as a puppy.  He has a high energy level, is completely housebroken, and knows some basic commands - sit, stay, and come.  He will walk on a leash, and he enjoys car rides, treats, walks, and chew toys.  He sleeps inside - sometimes in a cage, sometimes in his owner's daughter's bed.

He loves women, mostly - he is fearful of men and will bark at men and strangers.  He is terrified of mail carriers ever since one swatted him one day.  He likes dogs and cats - he has never fought with the other dogs in the household, and is very loving with the cats in his home!

Ace is ultra sensitive - he loves to fetch but doesn't love to relinquish it.  Instead you have to take the toy from him - and when you do, he'll bark and growl...but that's the game he likes to play!  He loves tug of war with a rope.

He gives kisses & will jump up when excited, but will respond well to a firm "DOWN ACE!"  He will sit or shake on request, and will speak for his treats when asked.  He likes rawhide chew bones!

When he misbehaves, his owner tells him, "Cage, Ace!" and he goes into the cage.  When it's bedtime, she tells him, "Night night, Ace!" and he goes to his cage.  (He likes blankets, too.) 

Ace has never jumped the fence but his owner believes he could if he wanted to.  He doesn't chew up anything and he knows his own toys!

After reading about this awesome dog, you might be wondering why he's looking for a new home!  Unfortunately some family members that TEMPORARILY lived in the household did not treat Ace well, and he has snapped (NOT bitten) at a 4-year-old autistic boy and other members of the family.  So they believe Ace would do better in a new environment.

If you want more info about Ace, or are interested in giving him a second chance at a happy home, contact his current owner, Valerie, at 937-497-8193 or!

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