Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sally & Sarah - in URGENT need of a good home!

Hi everyone!  I was alerted to the plight of these two gorgeous girls by a Dream 4 Pets volunteer.  Please read this post & pass it on to everyone you know - the woman who owned these dogs must have had a beautiful soul & I'd love to help her beloved dogs find a wonderful home!  Read on...

"Hello Everyone,

It is with great sadness that I am sending this e-mail out.

Sally and Sarah, pictured below, are two 9 1/2 year old Shepherd mix siblings in need of a new home due to their owner's passing, and the remaining family's inability and/or disinterest (unfortunately) in taking their mom's dogs.

(This photo was taken on the porch of the Dog Palace, with Sally on the left and Sarah on the right).
I placed these two as very young pups with this woman, at a time when I was doing rescue, but during which Second Chance Rescue had not yet been officially formed.

They are healthy (these are recent pictures), and would be updated on anything that isn't current prior to placement. I have included below a description of the dogs from the daughter of the woman who adopted them from me:

About Sally and Sarah:
Sally and Sarah are sisters, they are 9 years old and weigh about 55 pounds.  They have lived a most wonderful life with their dear friend, Ricky, a mixed Labrador.  All three dogs are rescued and have lived together at our Mom’s home.  Ricky will be joining our Mom in heaven as they both will be leaving this earth together.  Ricky has been my mother’s protector for over 14 years.  Meanwhile, Sally and Sarah have tenderly cared for Ricky as he aged and have been his “ears” since he lost his hearing, his exercise coaches and his caregivers.  Sally and Sarah are truly very sweet, gentle and loving pets. (note: they are good with children)

Sarah is a little bit slighter built than Sally.  The easiest way to tell them apart is Sarah’s tail is straight while Sally’s tail is curled.  Sarah likes to smile and chatter her teeth when it’s time for a dog treat.   And both dogs are very good at sitting for treats or when asked to sit before placing their dog bowls down. Mom built the dogs this wonderful “Dog Palace” that we fondly call it!  Inside is a heater for the winter and a ceiling fan for the summer.  Mom could always see them from a window in her bedroom that looked into a glass door on another side.  The dogs have always had the freedom to go in and out with a large grassy dog area just for them.   She created several series of fenced areas so her dogs could join her on the front veranda of her Victorian house where they spent many summer days together enjoying the coolness.  She also created fenced areas on to the back deck which was off the kitchen so they could join her in the warmth of sunny days.  On the coldest of winter nights she would bring them into her laundry room inside.  Sally and Sarah would whine would they needed out … but they really were not inside very often. 
Mom did try obedience training with them but she would rather have them around her in the fenced areas.  They do love to go for walks on a leash but that is something that Mom did not do very often.  Plus if you walked one the other two would whine and bark that they were not with them.

More pictures:

Sarah waiting for a dog treat. 

Sally who was curious about the camera! 

The Dog Palace with Sarah on the porch

On behalf of our dear mother, who loved her pets so deeply, we can only hope that Sally and Sarah will find another kind and loving person to care for them in their aging years.
The last conversation I had with the woman's daughter just a short bit ago suggested I have a very, very short time frame in which to find a place for these two (the daughter I am talking with lives out of state and will be returning there shortly, and the daughter who lives locally does not, for whatever the reasons are, appear to be willing to temporarily take care of these dogs until I can find other arrangements).
I cannot handle the family euthanizing 2 healthy older dogs, that I have know since they were pups, and that I know meant everything to their mom, just because they, for who knows what reasons, are not able/willing to take care of them.
PLEASE help me to find a place for them. I will check out any interested party before placing them, to ensure that they are going to a loving home where they will be properly cared for. SERIOUS RESPONSES ONLY. I will ask that an adoption contract be signed for each of the dogs (standard Second Chance Rescue contract).
Contact me via this e-mail. ASAP!

Her e-mail address is Drsuerdvm@aol.com - e-mail her or call her if you are able to give these sweet girls a good home!  She also gave us her phone number, but I do not want to post anyone's phone number on the internet--if you are seriously interested in Sally & Sarah, post a comment on this blog which includes your e-mail address and I will send it to you!


  1. Hi Jenn, we are currently fostering Bear on dreams advertisement on facebook for the adoptathon in troy this saturday! Would you feature him here? We would love to see him find his forever home this saturday! Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Beth! You beat me to the punch--I had already been planning to feature the Adopt-a-thon dogs in an entry! I just posted it. :)