Friday, September 2, 2011

100th Post!! Vote for Annabelle!

Hi there!  My name is Annabelle, and my Mommy writes this blog.  She decided to let me take over in honor of the blog's 100th post - that way I can tell you all about the calendar contest Mommy entered me in! 

One day back in February, Mommy came home smelling like LOTS of other doggies.  At first I was a little jealous, but she explained to me that there were over 100 doggies stuck living in a warehouse - some man was supposed to be taking care of them but he wasn't giving them much food or clean water, and they had nowhere clean to sleep.  Lucky for those dogs, Mommy and a bunch of her new friends started taking care of them and helped them to find good homes! 

Because of her experience with those doggies, Mommy decided to start this blog.  Now she volunteers at dog adopt-a-thons & other dog events, and I don't mind when she comes home smelling like other doggies because I know she's trying to help as many other doggies as she can! 

So when Mommy told me I could help her help homeless doggies, I was really excited!  She entered one of my pictures into the Hits 105.5 Top Dogs of the Upper Miami Valley Calendar Contest!  You can visit this website to vote:

Each vote costs $1.00, but Mommy says it's tax deductible.  You can vote as many times as you want, and it's all for a good cause - all the money raised goes to the Shelby County Humane Society!  If I'm one of the top 12 dogs, I'll get my picture taken by a professional photographer & will get to be in the calendar...which Mommy says will be sold to raise even more money for doggies in need!

But of course in any election it's good to know something about the candidate you're voting for, so let me tell you about myself!  As it mentions in my profile on the voting site, my favorite holiday is Halloween because I get to dress up and help Mommy hand out candy to the neighborhood kids.  (I LOVE kids!)  I'm very patient and let Mommy put me in all sorts of silly costumes - whatever makes the kids happy!

One year I was a pirate, and everyone was really surprised that I kept the hat on the whole time!  I promise I didn't pillage or plunder anything, though!

Another year, I was a dinosaur!  Mommy kept calling me Weinersaurus Rex.  Everyone thought it was really funny because my tail was actually inside the dinosaur tail, so when I'd wag my tail you'd see a dinosaur tail wagging!

But whenever Mommy dressed me as something different, everyone would ask her why I wasn't wearing my very first Halloween costume...

That's right, a hot dog!  It didn't matter how cute I looked in my other costumes, everyone would ask, "But where are her buns?"  So now I just proudly wear my buns and sit in the driveway, waiting for trick or treaters to come pet me!  Did you know there's even a book called "The Halloweiner?"  It's about a dog like me who wears a costume just like mine!  One year I even got to visit elementary schools in Sidney and Piqua - the teachers had read the book to their students so everyone thought I was The Halloweiner when I showed up!  I got to meet lots of kids, though, so I loved it!

Sometimes Mommy dresses me up even when it's not Halloween!  I don't mind that in the winter, though - usually she does it to help me keep toasty warm!

I'm also a proud obedience school graduate!  My favorite thing about class was getting treats for being good, but my other favorite thing was the tunnel!

At first I was a little scared because I'd never seen a tunnel before, but once I got the hang of it I had a lot of fun!  (Mommy says you can tell how fun it was by the big smile on my face!)

Here I am, wearing my graduate's bandana and posing with my diploma!

One of my favorite hobbies is playing fetch!

Here I am with one of my favorite raquetballs.  Even though I'm seven years old, Mommy says I have as much energy as a puppy when it comes to fetch!  I'll chase that ball for hours on end, just so long as someone keeps throwing it for me!

When I'm done playing fetch, I love to take naps!  If I can't be on Mommy's lap, I love to cuddle up with a pillow & burrow under a blanket to take a snooze.

See the smile on my face here?  It's because I'm doing one of my favorite things in the whole wide world - going on a walk at Tawawa Park!  There are so many things to sniff & I get to meet lots of great dogs!

I get to meet big dogs...

...and little dogs, too!

I'm friendly to all the dogs I meet on my Tawawalks, no matter what their size or breed! 

I'm super-excited because it's almost Fall and that's the best time for Tawawalks - it's not very hot and the trees turn really pretty colors!

Well that's enough about me - I don't want to hog all the blog space!  Hopefully you've enjoyed learning about me & would like to vote for me in the Top Dog Calendar Contest!  That link again is:

Every vote counts, and every dollar raised will go towards helping homeless doggies find great families to live with!  And every doggie deserves to be spoiled, play fetch, go on walks in the park, and nap under soft blankies!  I'm just glad Mommy let me do my part to help them. 

Thank you for your time!

Love, hugs, and bellyrubs,

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