Monday, September 5, 2011

Marvelous Miami County Dogs!

Hello again, everyone!  All of tonight's dogs are at the Miami County Animal Shelter, so if any of these sweethearts steals your heart, call (937) 332-6919 to inquire about adopting them! 

First up is Simon!  This GORGEOUS boy is a 4-year-old Golden Retriever who was picked up as a stray.  The shelter thought they'd found his owner, but the person stated that they'd given the dog away six months ago & he no longer wanted the dog.  So now poor Simon is stuck in the shelter, looking for a real home!  The shelter staff says he's a big, strong boy who's very gentle and sweet!

Meet Elmo!  He's a Puggle - a Pug/Beagle mix, and he's about 1 or 2 years old.  He was found as a stray and has not been reclaimed by his owner.  He's a very energetic and outgoing pup!

Next up is Brady!  He's a 1-year-old Lab mix who was found as a stray - the shelter staff thinks he's been on his own for a while because he's skinny & needs to put on weight.  He is a gentle and quiet boy, and will be available for adoption on 9/7/11.  He needs a wonderful home!
Last but not least is Duffy!  He's a 1-year-old Shepherd mix who was adopted from MCAS about a week ago, but was returned because he was just too much for the smaller kids in the family & they were afraid of him.  He is a nice boy, and is very energetic & eager to please!  The shelter staff says he's a sweetheart!  

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