Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Darke County Spotlight!

Tonight's featured shelter is the Darke County Animal Shelter!  I definitely encourage you to visit their website - - because their shelter is getting very full and there are lots of wonderful dogs available for adoption!

First up is Rhonda, who has to be one of the most unique looking dogs I've seen!  That's because she's a Beagle/Doberman mix!  She's only 7 months old and is current on her shots.  The shelter staff said she's a friendly little girl who loves to play & would make a great lifelong friend!  If you'd like to give Rhonda a home, contact the shelter at (937) 547-1645! 

This smiley guy is Rocket, a 3-year-old Akita!  The shelter staff says he's a big guy and he's very friendly - I'm sure Rocket would like nothing more than a great family to play with & go on walks with!  If you'd like to adopt him, call (937) 547-1645! 

Last but not least is Stimpy, a 10-year-old Miniature Pinscher mix.  The shelter staff says he appears to be blind but they don't think he notices it - it doesn't bother him!  He is very friendly and would make a great housedog for the right person.  On a personal note, don't let Stimpy's age deter you from adding him to your family - small dogs typically have longer lifespans.  My poodle lived to be 18 years old, so Stimpy could be just a little over middle aged!  :)  If you'd like to give this sweet little guy a place to rest his head, call the Darke County Animal Shelter at (937) 547-1645!
Again, please visit the shelter's website - there are so many wonderful dogs there right now of all breeds, ages, and sizes!  You  never know when one might steal your heart!

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