Monday, April 25, 2011

Shelby County Spotlight!

A volunteer from the Shelby County Animal Shelter contacted me to ask if I would shine a special spotlight on three dogs who have been there WAY too long--since SCAS is (unfortunately) still a kill shelter, if the shelter were to fill up, tough decisions would have to be made and these guys could be at risk.  Since we definitely don't want that to happen, please take a look at these sweethearts and see if you might want to add one of them to your family!
First up is Willow!  She's a Terrier/Boxer mix who only weighs around 25-30 pounds.  She has had an older injury on her hind leg that healed stiffly, so she does have a slight limp.  It's nothing severe, and Willow has grown used to her leg and is still able to walk and run fine. In fact she loves to go for walks! She is a kind hearted loving dog would make a great family pet. Willow is happy-go-lucky, and loves life & everything around her.  She loves all other dogs and she likes cats too!! Willow also has good manners and is well behaved!  If you'd like to add this sweet little lady to your family, please call (937) 498-7201!

Next up is Rusty, a 1 to 2 year old Boxer/Shepherd mix.  He can sit on command, has good manners, and does well on a leash.  He's a little timid at first but once he gets to know you he's really loveable!  He absolutely LOVES to play ball!  If you'd like an awesome fetch partner, call the Shelby County Animal Shelter at (937) 498-7201!

Last but not least, meet Angus!  He's a shepherd mix who is very well-behaved, walks well on a leash, is quiet, won't jump on you, and is even housebroken!  He's a super sweet guy that's just a great big teddy bear!  He's very patient & exited to get treats, gets hugs & pets, and go on walks & runs!  If you'd like to add this handsome gentleman to your family, call the Shelby County Animal Shelter at (937) 498-7201!

As always, please share this link and visit the websites of the local shelters to see what dogs I haven't gotten a chance to post yet!

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