Saturday, April 23, 2011

Double Dog Day!

Today is Double Dog Day, to make up for my lack of entry yesterday!  (It's hard to use a laptop when your lap is occupied by a Dachshund who is none too pleased with the thunderstorms outside!)

First up is Bufford, a 4-year-old Saint Bernard.  The shelter staff says he's a big baby and loves to be around people!  If you'd like to give Bufford a home, contact the Darke County Animal Shelter at (937) 547-1645!

Also at the Darke County Animal Shelter is BoBo, a 6-year-old Rottweiler.  He was rescued from a hoarding situation and needs some TLC! If you'd like to adopt this loveable big guy, call (937) 547-1645!

Next up we have Moose!  Believe it or not, this big pup is only ten weeks old!  He was picked up running loose and taken to the Miami County Animal Shelter.  The shelter staff says, "He will be a very large dog when fully grown.  Moose is energetic, as most puppies are.  He can be a bully - he's a cat chaser and even a dog chaser. He will need some firm training, because when he is full grown he could be a very intimidating dog, if he is allowed to get away with that sort of thing. Moose is a sweetheart and is eager to please, just a little bit ornery!" If you think you could give Moose the training he needs & the home he deserves, call (937) 332-6919!

Also at the Miami County Animal Shelter is Mo, a sweet older lab mix.  (I love his gray "eyebrows!)  He was also found running as a stray, and the shelter staff is surprised he hasn't been reclaimed by his owner!  They say he's very sweet and still has plenty of pep in his step!  If you'd like to give Mo a good home, call the shelter at (937) 332-6919!

Our first Shelby County pup this week is Maeve, a Shepherd/Collie mix who's had a rough life!  She was adopted out of the shelter to someone who abandoned her the very same day - she was left on her own until someone from the Shelby County Humane Society found her and took her back the shelter.  The shelter staff says she's sweet, intelligent and well behaved, and gets along with other dogs.  If you'd like to giver her the loving home she deserves, contact the Shelby County Animal Shelter at (937) 498-7201!
Also at the Shelby County Animal Shelter is Noah, who's listed as both a Shepherd/Boxer mix and Black Mouth Cur mix.  I've never heard of that last breed--all I know is he's a very handsome dog with a great smile!  The shelter staff says: "He is eager to meet you and seems to love people.  Noah is treat oriented and needs a little of your time to learn and polish his manners on lead.  He is smart and needs a little attention to this detail.  Noah has just been neglected of the time and attention that his previous owners should have given...  Any dog will benefit from some time and effort spent with them teaching basic commands and obedience.  They will bond closely with you--if you give the gift of your time they will reward you a hundred times more!"  If you want to add this noble, handsome boy to your family, call (937) 498-7201!
Today we have a bonus dog!  Rusty is one of the dogs from Doggone Adoptions that I met through Dream 4 Pets - I didn't have pictures of her in time for the adopt-a-thon last weekend, but I made sure to take some while I was there!  And look at that gorgeous face!  She's a spayed 6-year-old Lab/Retriever mix who is house trained, crate trained, and loves attention!  She enjoys slow, leisurely walks and car rides, and loves being outdoors, but she hates thunderstorms! She volunteered for three years as a therapy dog in a hospice environment, and lived with an elderly woman for most of her life.  She's up to date on her shots and needs Glucosamine daily for stiffness in her leg.  She should be an "only child" because she doesn't like sharing attention with other dogs!  Rusty is looking for a foster home or a forever home - if you're interested in her, e-mail or call Cindy at (937) 698-9377! 

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