Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shelby County Death Row Doggies - URGENT!!

I learned today that the Shelby County Animal Shelter is full again, and they are at risk of having to euthanize dogs.  The dogs you see below are in urgent need of foster or forever homes!

To save time & get their message out sooner, I'm just going to copy & paste what the Shelby County Animal Shelter folks said in their note.

"SCOOBY is such an AWESOME boy!! He is just one of the three look alike dogs at our shelter... He does well on lead and was content to lounge around while we took his pictures. He is in tune to people and likes to be near you. Scooby is an URGENT because he has been at the shelter for wayy too long and we are so surprised noone has adopted him or came to SCOOBY'S rescue!! He is very playful, loves treats and to be loved on:) He seems ok around other dogs, but just depends on the other dogs temperment. Who couldnt resist his scooby doo ears??"

"PRECIOUS is about 2 yrs old, owner turned her in because her boy was allergic to her & could not bring her into the house and the neighbors were making trouble with her barking around 6:00 when he was trying to sleep.  So the lady just thought it easier to bring in the dog...supposed to have been around kids...she is a large girl.  She did great with Katie the hound mix female and another puppy.  She seems like a big puppy herself...I think she just needs to be worked with on her commands...friendly dog.  Super sweet, loveable, and definitely deserving a great home!"
"KENYA is a black Mouth Cur/Boxer mix female. She looks a lot like Scooby and Rusty only she has a long tail and they have bobbed tails. She is a nice and BEAUTIFUL dog that is very young around 1 1/2 yrs old. Came in with the blue bandanna tied on her neck..but no one has come to claim her. Kenya seems to do well on a leash and loves to go on walks! She has a awesome personality, gets along with other dogs and is just the nicest girl:) She deserves a forever home!!"

"RUSTY is a great dog..very young and trainable. His owner dumped him at the animal shelter. Rusty is a very handsome boy in urgent need of a home. He does well on a leash, loves attention and is full of energy:) Rusty likes to play ball, run and treats! Please dont overlook this boy when walking past his kennel....Rusty barks to get your attention and has a way different personality outside of his kennel! Could you find it in your heart to give this boy a third chance at life??!"


  1. they put scooby and rusty to sleep on the 16th or the 17th. god bless those two beautiful souls. they are now playing joyfully over the rainbow bridge. no more pain of no one wanting them.

  2. I saw that they'd put Scooby & Rusty to sleep...I just haven't been able to bring myself to update the entry. It makes me so sad that I wasn't able to help find those two sweethearts forever homes! I just did a new entry for Kenya & posted it on as many rescue sites as I could think of in the hopes I can help her avoid the same fate!