Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Five Fabulous Furry Friends!

Hello to any new readers who may have heard about me from visiting the Dream 4 Pets booth at the Strawberry Festival!  Let's jump right in & meet the latest additions at area shelters!

First up is Tucker, a 7-month-old Shepherd mix who was found running loose.  He's already neutered & the shelter staff says he's very friendly and energetic!  If he's not reclaimed by his owner, he will be available for adoption on 6/7/11 at the Miami County Animal Shelter - call (937) 332-6919 for more information!

This gorgeous little lady is Jewel, a young Shephard mix who was dumped at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.  The shelter staff says: "JEWEL has a beautiful colored coat and her hair is super silky and soft. Jewel was dumped at our shelter! She is the SWEETEST! She is very beautiful and intelligent. She is very loving and in tune to people. She has good manners for a puppy and she will sit and shake paws. She has a calm temperment on lead. Jewel is URGENTLY in need of a home due to the crowded condition of the shelter right now."  If you'd like to give Jewel a forever home, call (937) 498-7201!

Meet Noah!  He's a 7 or 8-month-old Shepherd mix available at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.  The shelter staff says he's super sweet, very intelligent, well-mannered, and eager to please people.  He'd love to be adopted into a loving home & made part of the family!  If you think Noah would fit well into your family, call (937) 498-7201!

Check out the beautiful brown eyes on Buster!  He's a Black Lab at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.  The shelter staff said: "BUSTER is a beautiful well maintained boy. He has been completely vetted, been on heartworm preventative, Frontline, and is vaccinated. He is very large and could benefit from morning or nightly walks. He has a great laid back temperment . His owners turned him in and said that he chews on things. Since the owner turning him in made him sound like a land shark, we were worried and gave him a Giant rawhide bone and so far he has barely chewed it and he has not chewed his water bucket or anything else...So YEAH!! Maybe he is not so bad!!!"  On a personal note, as the owner of a Dachshund who WAS a "land shark" in her younger days, I can attest that dogs can be taught not to chew things - usually it's just a matter of giving them something appropriate to entertain themselves with when you're not around!  Buster is definitely a gorgeous boy - if you'd like to see his big brown eyes staring up at you with love every day, call (937) 498-7201!

Last but not least is Peanut!  He's a Beagle mix at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.  The shelter staff says: "Peanut was an owner turn in - his family moved and could not keep him. His family had young children and reported him to be wonderful with them. They really miss him and said he was a great dog. House trained and all. Would you be willing to take Peanut in to your family? He misses having his own family."  If you'd like to give Peanut a second chance at a happy home, call (937) 498-7201!

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