Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Four-Legged Friend in Need

Meet Alex!

Alex is a little different from the dogs I usually feature on my site - he's already got a wonderful home where he's showered with love & affection!  Alex belongs to a friend I've known for years, who is also involved in dog rescue - he takes in the senior dogs that no one wants, tries to find them homes, and if they haven't been adopted, his home becomes their forever home and he gives them all the love & care they could need until they pass over the Rainbow Bridge. 

Sweet little Alex is an Italian Greyhound who is one of my friend's beloved pups.  Almost two weeks ago, Alex was playing in the backyard with some of his doggy friends when... YELP!

Poor little Alex broke his leg!  Like any good dog owner, my friend rushed Alex to the vet.  As it turns out, Alex needed surgery - at a cost of more than $2700.00!  Like most people in this economy, my friend didn't just have that much money laying around.  He tried applying for Care Credit and personal loans, to no avail.  So he started selling his electronics to help pay for the OSU Vet Hospital bill.  In the meantime, an acquaintance of his who already had a Care Credit account came forward and said he could use the account - so Alex's surgery was on!

Since the surgery, Alex has been recovering nicely and being a very good boy!  My friend is now trying to figure out how to raise funds to pay back the Care Credit he used.  He's planning a big garage sale/bake sale for mid-July, with all the proceeds going to the vet bills!  I advised him to start a ChipIn account, to make it easier for friends & family to donate online.

If you've read this and want to send a few dollars Alex's way, great!  If not, that's fine, too - prayers & healing thoughts are appreciated as well!  I just wanted to share the link because I know if it were my dog, I'd want to find every possible way to get her story out & get her the help she needed! 

If you'd like to follow Alex's recovery, he has his own blog at:


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  1. Thanks for the cross posting! You're truely awesome! ogs are lucky to have you on their team!!!