Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Message from Bear

Hi there!

My name is Bear - that's me on the left, waving at the camera.  I like to do that when someone's holding a treat, and everyone tells me I'm so cute when I do it!

You may have met me at the last Superpetz adopt-a-thon on May 22nd.  I want to say congrats to Cleo, Jaydee, and Ernie - three dogs who found their forever homes that day! 

Unfortunately I didn't find my forever home that day - but that's okay, I know the right owner is out there looking for me.  Maybe it's you! 

Let me tell you a bit about myself.  I'm 7 years old, and I used to belong to a dog hoarder who couldn't take very good care of me.  Lucky for me, a great group called Doggone Adoptions came to my rescue and started giving me all the love & attention I'd been missing out on!  They promised me they'd do everything they could to help me find the special home I deserve!

In the meantime, I've been living with my super-cool foster parents & their other dogs.  They've given me lots of reasons to show off what I've been told is a gorgeous doggy grin!  They've taught me what toys are, showed me how to walk well on a leash, and showered me with lots of love and affection.  As happy as I am with them, they know I'll be even happier when I find my forever home, with lots of cozy beds & people to call my own!

The lady who runs this blog has spent time with me at the last two Superpetz adopt-a-thons and thinks I'm pretty awesome, so she wanted to give me an entry all my own so hopefully someone out there will see me and fall in love with me!

She and my foster mom both like taking pictures of me, so I'm going to share a few more pictures that will show you a bit more of what I'm like!  Here goes...

Here I am meeting a crowd of people at the adopt-a-thon.  I'm friendly to everyone - kids, adults, and other dogs!  I'm looking in the other direction in this picture because my buddy Ginger, a sweet Chow mix, had just shown up and I wanted to say hi.  But I knew I should wait until everyone finished petting me - and I do admit I love all the attention!

Here's another shot of me at the adopt-a-thon - check out the bandana my foster mom made for me!  See how I'm sitting like a good dog?  That's how I spent almost all of my time at Superpetz.  I'm not one of those crazy dogs that has to bark at you or jump on you to get attention! - I know how to act like a gentleman!  Did I mention that I'm great with verbal commands, and that I'm crate trained and housetrained, too?

I know some people might think seven is a little old for a dog, but don't worry, I'm still young at heart!  Here's a picture of me running around in my foster parents' backyard.  Because I've gotten used to living with a fenced in yard, it'd be best if my new home had a fenced in yard, too.  I love to run & play!

My foster mom says when I get excited, I'll run around with a big smile on my face and that I'm REALLY cute when I do it!  If you look at the picture above you can probably tell I'm excited to be out in the yard, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air!

So that's me - Bear!  Hopefully you're reading this & thinking I might be your new best friend!  If you like me, but don't have room in your life for a furry four-legged friend like myself, please share the link to this entry with anyone you know who might want to give me a forever home!  And if you have any questions about me - or, better yet, if you want to adopt me! - please contact petsRRpassion@gmail.com !

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