Sunday, May 29, 2011

24 Terrific Dogs!

Lots and lots of great new dogs have shown up in local shelters recently - this will be quite a long entry! 

Darke County Doggies
(if you're interested in one of the following pups, call the Darke County Animal Shelter at 937-547-1645!)

Meet Anny & Kimy!  They are 5-month-old Australian Cattle Dogs (Blue Heelers) and they appear to be sisters.  They are current on their shots & are very friendly - they love to play!

Next up is Sally, a 6-month-old Red Heeler mix.  She is very friendly and is looking for a good home!

Meet Barnie!  He's a 2-year-old Beagle mix who is very friendly & loves attention - look at how the tip of his tail is a blur in this pic...that's the sign of a happy dog!

This gorgeous gal is Missy - she's a 2-year-old Beagle mix.  She is a sweet little girl who will make a wonderful companion!

Continuing with the Beagle trend, we have Peanut, a 2-year-old Beagle mix.  She's a small Beagle and only weighs about 20 pounds!  She is very friendly and looking for a good home!

This lovely lady is Holly, and she's a 5-year-old Cocker Spaniel.  Her hair was very matted, so the shelter staff had to give her a makeover - apparently she didn't think too highly of having the hair around her feet trimmed!  Now this friendly gal is looking gorgeous & just needs a new home!

This handsome fellow is Jack - he's a 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.  He's already neutered, is current on his shots, is housebroken, and is very friendly - all he needs is a new owner to play with!

Meet Arty!  He's a 1-year-old Lab/Beagle mix.  The shelter staff says he has the personality of a Lab in the body of a Beagle - they're calling him a Labeagle!  :)  He's a friendly little guy who's just looking for a great new home to call his own!

This smiley guy is Jasper, a 1-year-old Lab/Shepherd mix.  He's a friendly guy who loves attention & is just waiting for the right person to come take him home!

Look at the gorgeous eyes on this gal!  She's Midnight, a 2-year-old Black Lab.  She's a wonderful girl who loves people, and is a typical Lab because she's very friendly, very loyal, and loves to play!

Miami County Doggies
(if you'd like to adopt any of the following dogs, please call the Miami County Animal Shelter at 937-332-6919!)

First up is Henry, a 1-1/2 year old Boxer mix who was brought in as a stray & never reclaimed.  The shelter staff says he's a little shy but is still a sweetie - he's initially reserved but does eventually warm up to you after a little bit!

This gorgeous girl is Betsey, a Hound mix who was picked up as a stray and never reclaimed.  The shelter staff says she's on the hyper side & is very vocal - she won't let you forget that she's around!  She's a sweetie though - just young and needs to learn her manners!

Meet Cole!  He's a gorgeous 4-year-old Lab mix who was picked up running loose & will be available for adoption on 6/1/11.  The shelter staff says he's very sweet, mild-mannered, and well behaved!

I know there's only one puppy in this picture, but the Petfinder listing is for Sadie, Sierra, and Sam - so there's three times the cuteness out there!  All three are 9-week-old Shepherd/Lab mixes who were released to the shelter by their Mom's owner.  There are two girls & one boy, and they're all very playful and sweet!

Next up is Chunk, who has to be one of the most unique Pug mixes I've ever seen!  He is only 8 months old & was released to the MCAS by his owners for the usual infuriating reason - they "didn't have time to care for a dog."  Chunk is already neutered, is pretty much housebroken, is good with kids, and is very friendly!

Shelby County Doggies
(if you're interested in adopting any of these pups, call the Shelby County Animal Shelter at 937-498-7201!)

Meet Kenya!  She's a 1-1/2 year old Black Mouth Cur/Boxer mix who looks a lot like Scooby & Rusty (you'll see them shorty!) except she has a nice long tail while the guys' tails have been bobbed.  She came in with the blue bandana tied around her neck but no one's come to claim her.  She's very friendly & deserves a forever home!

Next up is Scooby - he's been featured on my blog before but I wanted to feature him again because they took this great new picture of him...just look at that smile!  He's considered URGENT because he's been at the shelter a long time!  :(  He does well on a leash & was content to just lounge around while they were taking pictures of him.  He's in tune to people & loves to be around you!

Here's Rusty, the third of the lookalikes - what gorgeous dogs!  Rusty's been featured on my blog before & is also considered URGENT since he's been there so long.  His owner dumped him at the shelter - he's just a sweet boy in need of a good home!

Next we have Jacey, a Border Collie mix - he's a sweet puppy who needs a good home!

Meet Haven!  She's a 1-year-old Chow Chow who is in DESPERATE need of rescue!  She has a foot or lower leg injury & does not want to put pressure or full weight on it.  The shelter staff is guessing it's a foot pad or foot injury - she will not let them look closely at it and they don't want to push the issue & lose her trust.  She has been somewhat scared and reportedly growled & snapped at the male dog warden, but she's allowed female staff members to put her on leash & take her out and then she's fine.  The shelter staff feels she should go out to an experienced rescue only - please contact them if you are able to help!

Last, but most certainly not least, is Katie!  She's a Blue Heeler Hound mix who was dumped by her new owner, who acquired her from her family that could no longer have her.  He didn't even keep her a full 24 hours - he stated that she had an accident in his house, and that she was supposed to be he no longer wanted her.  She was around children with her other family, appears to have a spay scar on her stomach, and the shelter staff can tell she's used to being in a house with a family - being in a kennel in a kill shelter is hard on her, and she begs with her sweet brown eyes to be let out whenever someone walks by her kennel.  She just needs a great new home!

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