Sunday, May 1, 2011

Meet Hamilton!

A woman recently contacted Dream 4 Pets with the following message:

"I need help with a German Shepherd that needs a new home. His name is Hamilton and he is around 2 yrs old and up to date on his shots. He is my brother-in-law's dog. He is trying to find him a new home because his female doesn’t get along with him. He lives in Dayton OH. I have been trying to find him a new home for almost a month now and I’m afraid his time maybe running out. I have contacted every local, and non local, GSD rescue and tons of people have helped with networking and such but he still doesn’t have a new home. has him posted on Petfinder as well."

Isn't Hamilton a magnificent dog?  I love his ears!  I visited the Dog's Hope website and got even more information about Hamilton's situation.  Please read below, and know that GSD is basically just breed shorthand for German Shephard Dog:

"Well it’s a long story…

My brother in law and his girlfriend, right now have two GSDs. One is a female and the other an approx. 3 yr old. male. The female they had first and got her as a puppy from a backyard breeder. The male they found on Craigslist and took him in as a “rescue”. The two dogs do not get along. They fight non-stop and they can’t even be out in backyard together.

Hamilton is a great dog. He has such great manners and is VERY people friendly. He doesn't jump on people and he is not a big kisser. He has a very HIGH drive and is VERY active. He loves to run and play with toys. He's a big boy with lots of energy to burn. He will jump a regular 4 foot fence, if he is left outside alone. 

He's not food aggressive. He's never been around small kids. Both of his homes have only had adults in them. With his size and speed I would NOT suggest him being in a home with small kids. He is a powerhouse and very fast. I can foresee this being a problem with small children around. 

He needs a home with where he is the ONLY PET. No other dogs or other animals. He has had MANY problems at his current home with other animals. He is doesn't like the other animals. He has attacked the other dog he currently lives with. He has tried to go after the pet bunny in his current home as well. 

He is current on shots. Will be due for vaccinations in September 2011. He is neutered. He is flea and worm free.

I know this dog would be such a great dog for the right home. I would hope this person had experience with German Shepherds or big, stubborn dogs. He is trainable and does know some simple commands. He shows me that he is very VERY eager to learn. I think he is very smart and very eager to please his owner. He is crate trained and will willingly walk into his crate. His previous owner was able to keep him out in the house without the crate but at his current home that wasn't able to happen. He needs a new home because he does not get along with his owner's other dog. He is almost double her size and hurts her easily and often, too often to keep them together. He needs an owner that will love him for good traits and help him with his bad ones. I know he will make someone a very happy GSD owner. He is a handsome boy with LOTS of love to give."

If you think Hamilton would be a good fit for your family, and want to give this gorgous boy a good home, please contact Jamie O'Dell at .

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