Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday's Wonderful Dogs!

Lots of adorable new arrivals at the local shelters--let's dive right in!

First up is Toby, a 9-month-old Shepherd mix at the Darke County Animal Shelter!  The shelter staff says he's a nice dog & is still a big puppy!  If you'd like to add this bundle of joy to your home, call (937) 547-1645!

Next up is Twizzler, a 2-year-old Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua mix with a story that breaks my heart.  Twizzler had a home...until his owners brought him to the Miami County Animal Shelter because they "no longer have time for him."  His former owners say he's housebroken and is good with kids.  The shelter staff says he's sweet but that he's still a little bit shy--no doubt because he's wondering what he did to make his owners abandon him.  If you'd like to give this sweet little guy a forever home, please call (937) 332-6919!

Last but not least is Kodiak, a young male Husky at the Shelby County Animal Shelter.   The shelter staff recommends people research the Siberian Husky breed, because Kodiak needs an owner that understands Huskies & wouldn't be surprised by the fact that they "talk."  Huskies LOVE to vocalize, and Zodiak is no exception--he will growl & give you a hug at the same time, and that could be very intimidating to those that haven't been around dogs or are able to understand canine body language.  If you'd like to give this chatty guy a good home, please call (937) 498-7201! 

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