Thursday, May 26, 2011

Black Lab with Amazing Tale of Survival Needs New Home! **UPDATED**

**UPDATE**  Today I heard from Donna - it turns out she's LadyBug's aunt!  Her sister Trish was actually LadyBug's owner.  And I say "was" because....


Apparently by the time LadyBug's info found its way to me, she had already found a home - here's what her owner had to say:

"Dear Friends,

My sister tells me that LadyBug has gone viral and she has received tons of messages from people who would love to adopt my LadyBug.  Two weeks ago she went to a wonderful home.  Dan has two acres of land for LadyBug to run and he even has another Lab for her to be friends with, Nash.  As you can see in the pictures, LadyBug is truly happy and she will be well taken care of.  Thank you all so much for working hard to find a home for my girl.  Thanks to Dan and to my sis Donna for posting her.


Before I share the pics, let me address those of you who were touched by LadyBug's story and hoped to adopt her.  Shelters are full of gorgeous black labs who need homes - maybe they don't have the amazing story LadyBug does, but they're wonderful dogs who just want an owner to give all their love to.  And unfortunately, big black dogs tend to stay in shelters the longest & have the lowest chance of being adopted - just because of the color of their fur.  So if you loved LadyBug, honor her by visiting your local shelter & adopting a "big black dog!"

And now, here's LadyBug, happy in her new home with her new buddy, Nash!


Want to adopt an amazing dog who's got a great spirit?  Look no further than LadyBug!
A friend of LadyBug's owner contacted Dream 4 Pets with her story, and it was forwarded to me to feature here.  LadyBug definitely has an amazing story, and her owner tells it best, so here's what she had to say:

"Dear friends and family,

Finally, I admit that I need to find a GOOD home for my LadyBug.  My heart is breaking but I need to consider her needs first and I want her to be happy.  Here is her story, can you help me?  No cost, I just need to visit the prospective owners and be assured that Ladybug will be happy forever.  If you can do anything I would be forever grateful.

One day in February 2010 a beautiful Black Labrador Retriever was taking a walk along a highway.  She had escaped from her home and was enjoying a stroll.  Suddenly she was hit by what we believe was a semi truck and dragged some distance.  In her shock and pain she was able to get up and walk and was found by a kind woman who put this bloodied, terrified dog in her shed and called animal control.  The Animal Shelter picked her up and took her to the vet's office.  That is not their normal procedure, they normally instantly kill a dog that has been hit however, as she was so covered in blood they thought she had been used as fight bait and they needed to keep her as evidence for a criminal case.

That day I was very busy at work and received a call from a Humane Society volunteer, as was I, who asked me to go take pictures of this dog.  They needed the pictures for the anticipated criminal case and they needed them asap as they wanted her euthanized immediately. 

Upon arrival at the Vet's office I was told that she was in the back room and I should be prepared for a shock.  I will never forget that I had a cream colored hoody on that day.  As I walked into the room I was greeted by a bloody mass who wanted me to pet her.  She just wanted me to touch her.  I took pictures in between lots of pets and hugs and conversation.  My hoody and jeans were covered with blood as I walked out of the room and stopped to tell the receptionist that this dog needed a name and I was naming her Lady. 

When I stopped at home to change my clothes I decided to call the vet and asked her not to kill Lady.  Twenty four hours later I received a call from the Vet, Jenny, who said that Lady had not been used for fight bait but had been hit by, she suspected, a semi.  Lady's entire right side had been dragged from eye to tail.  She would also need to have a leg amputated.  HOWEVER, as she was no longer evidence, the Animal Shelter and the Humane Society wanted her put to sleep.  I might add this was a financial decision.  I was haunted by this wonderful dog that wanted only to be petted despite her pain.  Jenny too did not want to see this Lady put down.  She was only 2 years old and has a Spirit that would not quit.  We agreed that I would adopt her and raise $500 for her surgeries.  Jenny and her husband would cover all other expenses.

During her stay at the Vet's office the name was slightly altered to LadyBug.  The staff there added the bug because of Lady's red eye that will never heal.  She lived with Jenny at the Vet's office for four months and had multiple surgeries and is scarred on her entire right side.  All of the staff fell in love with her and cried when she left to come home. 

My home.  I have been in dog rescue 3 years and most of the dogs I have helped place are Mini Schnauzers and weigh no more than 30 lbs.  I live in the city on a small lot, small house.  ENTERS A GENTLE GIANT.  I separated Ladybug from my other furkids in the spare bedroom until they were able to bond.  I discovered that she is house trained and can hold her bladder more than 12 hours if needed.   She also obeys basic commands and still only wants petted and loved.

One year later.  I have retired due to health reasons.  LadyBug still spends most of her time in the spare bedroom as she has not bonded with most of my little dogs.  However, it is her choice to be in the bedroom.  This past year I have been taking LadyBug for daily walks however, in her exuberance one day she pulled a little too hard and now I have a torn Rotator Cuff and will need surgery.  I weigh only 125 pounds and Ladybug weighs 70.  You would think that this would not be an issue, as did I, but I am 63 and darn it , can't do physically the things my mind wants to do. 

The first day I met LadyBug I swear her eyes haunted me and said "SAVE ME".  This morning when I petted her, in her room, her eyes said "LET ME GO."

It's been a year, her wounds are healed.  She is ready for a new life where she can run and play with somebody that has the strength and energy to be her human.  I do not have this strength and energy. She loves to run and take a long walk.  LadyBug needs to live in the house and be able to get lots of hugs and pets.  She is afraid of the dark and you will need to go outside with her then.  She loves to play so I would watch her around a small child, not that she would bite but that she might knock them down.  Most other dogs don't like her so I would prefer a home with no other dogs.  She does wrestle with three of my little schnauzers and she has not bitten them.  She just likes to play.  LadyBug is now 3 years old, she is spayed and fully vetted.

Most people in this county do not like black dogs.  Especially one with  3 legs and a red eye as it looks a little scary.  The rescue groups are over crowded and LadyBug is considered a hard dog to place because of her specific needs and physical appearance.  Can you help me find an Excellent home for my Ladybug?"

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